Club Glove TRS Ballistic Golf Luggage

TRS Ballistic Line of Ultra-Premium Golf Luggage

By Brian Weis

First class golfing globetrotters take notice to a new line of ultra premium luggage launched by Club Glove. The TRS Ballistic luggage Line features the high quality of materials and is made in the United States. In addition, the set is built with the Train Reaction System, drastically reducing the effort needed to pull or push the bags.

The TRS Ballistic line consists of a carry-on ($699), check-in ($750) and XL check-in ($799) bags. The set retails for $2,248.

Built with a lifetime of use in mind, Club Glove's American-made products include the Last Bag, which was honored by Golf World magazine as one of the game's "10 Best Innovations."

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Written By: Brian Weis

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