Top 10 Golf Videos

Below are the top 10 viewed videos. Click on the golf video to view the clip.


John Daly Interview While Playing Golf - No Shirt Or Shoes

PGA golfer John Daly is interviewed while he plays a round of golf at Murder Rock Golf Club in Branson, Missouri. Shirtless and shoeless, with a cigar...

Golf Joke: Skeet Shoot At Driving Range

United States Golf Managers Introduction

The United States Golf Managers Association provides training and certification of golf club professionals, golf course managers and golf resort manag...

History Of Golf By Robin Williams

History of Golf by Robin Williams

Funny Golf Video Compliation

This is a compilation of funny golf skits

Golf Joke: Fore!

A clueless golfer has a run-in with the FUZZ

Obsessive Golfing Disorder

Man confesses his Obsessive Golfing Disorder

Ladies Tees

This man has the perfect woman. She is beautiful, smart, and the best golfer he's ever seen. However, she is keeping a major secret.

Will Ferrell As Tiger Woods

Will accepting the award at Espy Awards '08 for Tiger Woods and acting as Tiger...amazingly hilarious...Will's antics are genius!

Golf Joke: Hit It Over The Trees

How the old golfers keep up with the young golfers

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