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Streamsong Resort Golf Review

Traveling To Bowling Green, Florida

By Paul Seifert

From the moment you turn on to the several mile long driveway of the extensively rural Streamsong Resort near Bowling Green, Florida, there is evidence everywhere that this is a different and amazing golf destination.

The entrance sign, a large stone slab with the "S" logo imprinted on it, stands proudly out front and assures visitors that, yes, they have managed to find the correct driveway. Put the car windows down and scan everywhere - all you see is unspoiled land and nature. And the golf courses have the same feel: Unspoiled, natural, and in harmony with the land.

Zen-like, if you will. It is not all peacefulness, though, as the rugged landscape of Streamsong Resort's world class golf courses unfold over and alongside alligator-infested swamps, deep, craggy bunkers, dramatic mounding and a wonderful ebb and flow to the fairways.

Golfers get lost in nature over the first six holes of Coore and Crenshaw's Red course - the most scenic and wild stretch on the property. The overall feel to the sequence on the Red course is one of intimidation in the midst of an abundance of glory.

Tom Doak's Blue Course, less intimidating off the tee but considerably more challenging around the greens, is smooth and glorious. Wide fairways on most par fours and fives lead to heavily undulating greens with wild and woolly breaks.

The toughest walk on the entire property comes early: A 75-foot uphill climb to the first hole tee boxes on the Blue Course, affording a picture-perfect vista of the first hole, both courses' signature par threes and the ultra-modern clubhouse that somehow fits Streamsong's rugged terrain ideally.
The golf courses at Streamsong were developed in 2012 with walkability in mind, and carts are only allowed during certain times of the day and year. While the land is rugged and hilly, there are few significant uphill climbs, and the courses can be easily walked by players of all ages.

The caddie staff at Streamsong Resort is second to none, featuring seasoned professionals who not only know the lay of the property's land like the back of their hands, but also are extraordinarily well respected in the golf industry.

My caddie for my first round, Noah Zellnick, is an ex-PGA player who was later on the bag for both of Michael Bradley's PGA Tour wins, and now caddies for Arjun Atwal.

Feeling awesome about my game after our round on the Red Course, I challenged Noah on the bye hole for an extra $20 tip if he could get closer to the hole than me - I hit a pitching wedge over the water to about 15 feet right of the pin; he then took my 52-degree wedge and after one practice swing dropped it within five. I got schooled, but the extra money was well worth it for the quality of service and expertise provided throughout the round.

My caddie for the second round, Jared, was also phenomenal, as was Julian who the year before worked at my other favorite golf destination: The Prairie Club in the Sand Hills of Nebraska.

Julian and I had some great conversations about the similarities between the Red course at Streamsong and The Prairie Club, and the fact alone that a golf property in the state of Florida can be mentioned in the same sentence as one in the country's most rugged and natural golfing destination speaks wonders: Streamsong is far from "Florida golf."

"Florida golf" typically means flat lands and water left with houses right, water right with houses left, water on both sides or houses the same way - but Streamsong breaks the mold. There are no houses within miles, and the shear elevation found onsite is awesome.

Unlike many golf destinations, feel free to bring your non-golfing significant other along. The Aquapietra Spa at Streamsong is world class and the dining and everything other than golfing experience is out of this world with three restaurants, a relaxing and luxurious infinity pool, clay shooting, guided bass fishing and a rooftop bar at Fragmentary Blue that provides a beautiful sunset experience to enjoy fantastic signature drinks like the Pleiades, Regulus and Asterism (my personal favorite).

When the sunset fades, infinite stars shine in the middle of absolutely nowhere, Florida - nowhere that manages to provide some of the country's greatest golf, lodging, customer service and food and beverage experience.

All three restaurants on-site provide exceptional food, but the crown jewel of the bunch is unquestionably SottoTerra. An upscale Italian restaurant, SottoTerra's food and drink menu is on the pricy side and well worth it. My lobster cioppino was perfect, and their Italian mule and other signature drinks were the accompanying refreshments I needed following a terrific day of golf.

A small step down in elegance and price level, P2O5 (the periodic table of elements' formula for phosphate - the land that Streamsong resides on was a phosphate mine prior to its rebirth as one of the nation's best golfing destinations) at the Streamsong lodge provides a modern atmosphere and menu that features delicious fresh seafood and steaks in a more laid-back environment.

Located inside the clubhouse, 59 is the third of Streamsong's on-site restaurants and provides a casual atmosphere with a menu that is more along the lines of what is expected at an upscale golf course: Grouper and steak sandwiches, salads, bar food and anything you might need on-the-go [or seated] before or after an epic round of golf.

The major golf publications got it right when they boosted Streamsong's courses and resort to the top of every major list. There is obviously an unbelievable amount of hype around this new property these days, and take it from me, it deserves it.

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