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Revo Sunglasses

- Some Great Choices for Golf in 2019

By David Theoret

Revo continues to make huge strides in the products they offer golfers. For those not familiar with the company, Revo has its roots firmly planted in space! While working on a project for NASA in 1985, Optical Engineer Dr. Mitch Ruda decided to take the coatings that protect satellites and use it to shield our eyes from the sun? Two years later, Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon was often seen sporting his Revos and ever since it's been "game on!" Sports stars and celebrities such as Bono, Danica Patrick and Tom Cruise have all become fans.

Revo lenses harness NASA-based technology to create a lens that protects, enhances, and improves the way you see the world. They achieve this by using an exclusive, lightweight polycarbonate material for the base, and then apply a series of unique coatings to the front and back of the lens to maximize protection and performance. Every Revo lens protects from harmful bandwidths of light, including blue light, which reduces the risk of eye strain and health issues. Revo's lenses are optimized for the full light spectrum, making colors look more vivid for an enhanced visual experience. This makes them digital device-friendly by reducing glare and enhancing the clarity of digital screens.

A few years ago, Revo developed a "golf specific" lens, which excels at separating colors down to minute levels of contrast and can help you identify the subtle break of a green. The new Descend N sunglasses are one of several models designed with golfers in mind. Its rimless design offers a wider field of vision and the lightweight frame makes them a breeze to wear the entire round. They feature a more curved profile, temple to temple and the MotionFit design ensures a secure fit without any pinching or slipping. In addition to Golf, Revo's high-contrast polarized Serilium+ lenses are available in several other color options: Blue Water, Graphite, Terra, Green Water, or Champagne and Black, Crystal, Crystal Brown, or Blush frame colors. The Descend N sunglasses retail for $179.

The Zinger Sunglasses not only protect your eyes while on the course, they let you make a fashion statement as well. These lightweight, polarized sunglasses are flattering on all face shapes and a keyhole bridge and non-slip nose pads keep the fit comfortable. Revo's 6-base lens technology enhances clarity and prevents glare and their Light Management System filters harmful UV, HEV, and blue light. Zinger is available in several frame colors: Matte Black Scratch, Matte Tortoise, Matte Crystal, and Crystal Sand and three lens options: Blue Water, Graphite and Champagne. Retail price is $199.

Another pair of Revos worthy of your consideration for golf are the Baseliner sunglasses. Although they don't offer a Golf lens, Revo's Baseliner sunglasses have become my "go to" pair of shades for golf. They offer great coverage from the sun and the modern wrap style is designed to be ultra-lightweight and comfortable. Throw in Revo's superior polarized lenses and elastomeric non-slip nose pads, and you're good to go for at least 18 holes. Revo's Light Management System filters out harmful UV, HEV, and blue light. The Baseliners are available in either a Crystal Gray or Matte Black frame with Blue Water, Green Water, or Graphite colored lenses. These glasses look and feel so good, you can have them on all day and forget you're wearing them. Retail price is $199.

As Revo continues to gain traction in the ever crowded golf eyewear industry, I'm sure we'll start to see more of the popular frames fitted with Golf lenses. Not that there's anything wrong with what they currently offer. For more information or to see the entire collection visit

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